Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I made this about 6 years ago and I love using it. It fits around my neck and I can fold it over the chair arm and secure it with a pin. The pattern comes from "Sew Creative Gifts for under $10." and it is a House of White Birches book and you can buy it at Amazon. The one they show uses geometric shapes and paisley shapes. I wanted to use some laces and buttons that were gifts to me. Each feature is a pocket and where the colors change is a deep pocket. I keep my needle book in one, my scissors fob goes around my neck but fits in a pocket when I put it down. I have a thimble, threads, small ruler,and making pencil in pockets and threaded needles can be simply put in the felt and you do not have to change threads so often. I also keep small pieces of lace to work in crazy quilts and that saves me hunting and that means more time to stitch.

I have made several of these for friends and some for mom's friends that quilt and they love them. It is just a neat way to keep it all together and we "stitchers" need that!

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