Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Sewing Basket

This project was inspired by 2 things....I had a picnic basket from Nana that was special to her and the magazine "Inspirations" Issue 21 had a round sewing basket they did......maybe I had better say it was inspired by 2 things because I have always wanted a English Cottage and flower garden.

A year after Nana passed away I decided to just get it done. We had moved to a new apartment complex and John was in the middle of making a nature trail for them along the most beautiful
Chattahoochee River that flowed at the edge of the property. Going out with him and being in nature kept me inspired and so the project really was completed in short order. I had to add things because of the shape but that really makes it mine. It was a year after 9/11 and so that inspired me to add the flag and the Robin in the nest was because outside our window I watched as the mother Robin cared for her babies and than watched the babies take their first flights. The shell button that holds the flowers on the other side was from memories of the fun days I spent with my kids while they were growing up on Florida's beaches.

I have enjoyed keeping my scissors and things I need for stitching inside the lid. The pin cushion has Velcro to hold in in place when I am not stitching and I have found the Velcro has helped it stick to my chair arm when I am stitching.

I have a dear friend that has blessed me with several things she has made and soon this basket will take a journey to "Down Under" for her to enjoy. After all what we create needs to be shared with those we love.......


Purpleflowerpatch said...

Darling friend...I am speechless.

Love you so very much,

craftydiane said...

I have been sitting here looking at all of your blog. I love your work. I love the sewing basket! I love to do projects and embroideries of things that mean a lot to me. The purse I currently use is one I hand embroidered with some of my favorite Bible verses. I am going to put pictures of it on my blog soon. Keep up the good work!
Have a Blessed Day,