Friday, January 18, 2008

Needle Books

I mentioned I like to work with felt. I find it a easy medium to work with and I simple relax when I use it. It is easy to stitch on with all mediums also
I simply love to do needle book or cases. I believe every lady should have several. I keep one in my purse, one in my stitching bag and several by my chair where I usually sew. I like to keep them on hand for gifts and the are so easy to put in an envelope. I have received some neat ones in swaps a few years ago. They are fun to swap.

This is the first small needle book I made. It has a pocket in the front and back on the inside and has 3 pages for needles.
I really do not remember how I got this pattern. I think I may have used a coloring page. The inside is like a petticoat and has lace at the edge. I use all kinds of threads to do these and add beads for fun.

This Needle case cottage is from Pattern Bee. I just decided I wanted to add the window boxes so I could do more flowers. I use wool yarn, floss and silk ribbon and beads on these. This patterns handles 2 pages inside for needles.

This one makes up quickly and I can do one in an evening. I have a folder with the pattern and several cut out and ready to go at all times. The centers come out cute with beads in them.
The heart pattern comes from Pattern Bee:

This one is done with felt but I have made many with wool. I like to but that here:

The colors are great, the service is great and I find prices for patterns and fabric to be good.
Maybe these will spark your creative ability.

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