Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today I start.....

I have thought about doing a blog for a long time. My husband gave me a camera for Christmas and so now I have no more excuses!

I love to stitch. This love was instilled in me at a early age. My grandma had a crazy quilt that her mother had made and it was my favorite. She would tell me about the patches and who wore a dress from the fabric. I loved all the stitches and that is where my journey started.

Grandma taught me the basic stitches. I made several things for my Hope Chest and than put it aside for a season. As a young mother I learned to do crewel embroidery and cross stitch. Than came the counted cross stitch craze and I was hooked! I had a small craft store and gave lessons
Macrame was big than also. I sure did my share.

I soon learned I could do counted cross stitch and add silk ribbon embroidery and make a design personal. Than I added crazy quilting to bring all mediums together. I was hooked!

I love to make a crazy quilt piece and embellish it and turn it into a photo album. I think I have mad at least 30 of them for gifts. It is my "love" given to friends. I also find that when I make one for a friend that I use my stitching time to pray for that person and their family. So that makes each gift special.

I also love to work with felt. I have arthritis and sometimes I need a easier medium to work with and felt is very easy. So I make needle books and pincushions for gifts too.

I have self taught myself to use many forms of stitches.....I love stump work, Brazilian, shadow work and anything I can learn. I must add that I learned many stitches due to my precious "Mother-in-Love". She was a heirloom seamstress and made portrait clothing. She went to many Martha Pullen classes. I did all the handwork for her. My favorite was to do the Christening Dresses and she taught me to make bullion roses. Nana, as we called her, passed away after suffering from dementia. We had the privilege of caring for her the last 2-1/2 years of her life.
She was an inspiration to me.

Speaking of Inspiration.......that is my favorite magazine. Inspirations by Country Bumpkin.
If you have never bought one make sure you do. They are like gold to me! When I lost my past issues several years ago I cried. I hope to get the back issues. One of my projects right now is a ornament called "Mother Goose". It is from the issue no. 52. It is a challenge.

I hope you will all enjoy taking this journey with me. I will introduce you more to the ladies that are an inspiration to me.

Donna G in Midtown Atlanta.


tangled stitch said...

Hi Donna, beautiful work, congrats on the new blog, it's wonderful. And my grandma taught me how to do the needlearts too. I hope to someday have a granddaughter so I can pass on the tradition.

Lady Dorothy said...

Oh, I am so glad you started a blog, Donna! I have loved your stories for years. How wonderful it will be to actually see your stitcheries!

deborah said...

I love your work Donna! You are so talented. What a treasure God has given me in you.. and our friendship. I love you!