Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Over the week-end I decided to check out my sweater sized of unfinished projects. I saw these two things that needed to be finished and decided I would finish them by Wednesday and they were finished yesterday.

The teapot was started when I was in a group and we were doing swaps but I got another idea and just put this aside. I am thankful that I have a habit that puts the project in a plastic bag with the silk ribbons and whatever else I am used in the bag. So I finished it....I think.

The cross stitch I started when Nana was with us. We lived in the basement and she was upstairs. Nana and Uncle Joe lived upstairs. I spent a good part of the day up with them. When she was really slipping away I decided to have a project upstairs and one downstairs so when I was up all night with her I could do something. I put this aside when she died. All I needed to do was finish the birdhouse and than sew the beads in place. This was a kit from Mill Hill. It was in the series called "Spring Weathervanes" and this on is called "Bluebird Inn".

It was so good to finish them. I have a few more to do and I will not start anything else until I have completed these.....maybe. You all know how this is.....anyway I have good intentions.

I have no ideas what I will do with these 2. I finished 2 others in the series and made one a bookmark for a friend and the other a wall hanging. I have thought about using this one in a crazy quilt project. The same with the teapot.....what would you all do with these.....give me your ideas on the comments.

What projects do you all have laying around that you need to finish?

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