Thursday, February 28, 2008


We moved my parents to Sarasota this past weekend. We left early Sat. morning and arrived at 3:30 that same day. For 80+-year-old people they did the trip very well. I was proud of them. They are now living in a Mennonite community and they are happy. I sure will miss them but know they will be much happier where they are.

Tuesday night was our last night with them and mom and I were hanging her pictures I had such fond memories of doing the 3 cross-stitch pieces I did for her. After they went to bed I was taking pictures and was draw to this piece. I am sure many of us have sung this precious hymn. I love the song and it’s message. If you want to read about the hymn writer go to this site.

Wednesday was my parent’s 65th wedding anniversary. Can you imagine that? Most people are in awe of it but for mom and dad it is a blessing and as Mennonites working out any problems in your marriage was the only option. If I were to ask dad about the reasons he might joke and say you always have to let mother be right or something like that but if he were serious he would say it is because of God’s Amazing Grace. I can remember him singing this hymn in his tenor voice many times and with the look on his face that He fully knew and understood God’s Grace. Dad and mom live what they believe and I have never known them to waver a bit in their faith. This is why I did this hymn for them.

Tonight I just want to honor them by saying :I love you mom and dad and I thank you for teaching me by your walk with God. I too understand how much God loves me.” Happy Anniversary!

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