Sunday, February 3, 2008


I decided this weekend to work on one of the other designs. I know I need to practice my stitches. I have had a long dry period in creating. I had "spurts" and would make a gift for friends or the holiday gifts but than would just not pick up anything.
I mentioned we were exposed to high levels of mycotoxins and mold. If you want to read about what these can do you can read here:

My eyes were affected and what came easy for me and what I always did by memory was a long time coming back. I still have to look up a lot of stitches in order to do them. I can pick them up again with time. I think the other part of my problem was I lost all my stash and all my books (along with 90% of all our stuff) and I had such a wonderful stash than made those creative juices know a special piece of lace and i inspires you or a piece of fabric with just the right colors or buttons and beads.......So I guess I mourned the loss way too long and now I am working with what I have.

I decided to use the shadow work just a bit and the bow seemed right for that. I wanted to see what a variegated thread would do. I used DMC 4210, which is a Mouline Color Variation. If you were to look at it close you can see it. I have Brazilian thread and wanted to use it. So I pulled out a book I got at Goodwill by Dover called "Brazilian Three-Dimensional Embroidery" by Rosie Montague. About 6 years ago I had made several projects that were mostly Brazilian embroidery. I decided I would do the "Crossed needle stitch" for the big flowers. It is an easy one and the thread I had suited it. I used beads for the center because I did not have a good yellow thread for the middle and I used smaller beads for the little flowers. I can sure see where I need to improve but I think this one will also end up as a pin pillow. I may try to put one together tomorrow. It all depends on if I have my almost 3 grandchild Zoe. She wants to "help" and her and the machine will not mix if you know what I mean.
Now back to finishing projects I had started way back when.......

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Nafis said...


This peice is so nice and cause me to embroider.I have done some eight years ago,but your passion inspired me to do again.