Saturday, February 16, 2008


You know how it goes...the machine is out, the fabrics are out and ironed and they just call you to do one more.... so last night I gave in to that call and made one more. I had the middle fabric for a long time and thought I would build around that. It is kind of hard to see but there are reds, blues, green and a copper tone. So I tried to match those.

My stash is very limited because we lost all we owned 3 years ago and when we had to get the necessary things to live there was little thought for a hobby. I will be honest too and tell you for 2 years my creative side was dead. I made cards to help generate money to eat but very little stitching went on. That was a dry time for me and I felt stagnant and dry inside. I still enjoyed nature but had no urge to apply it to fabric. The second Christmas I felt some coming back and I did a few needle books. Than I found the pattern for a vest needle book on line in the CQ Magazine and it triggered me again. I had a bunch of men’s ties someone sent to John and they were not used. So I took them apart and began to use them for fabric for little CQ projects. I found threads here and there at carport sales, Goodwill and some was given to me. I hunted buttons and now have a few to spare. It is taking time but I am getting there with the stash I so want to have.

Back to the square...I had trouble with one block.... the right hand side at the top.... it is fabric from a sari that a young lady gave me here at the apartments. I metallic silver on it is hard to get to lay flat but I finally got it to do OK. That seam I will have to make sure and embellish. I have one light color at the top on the left hand side. I did that on purpose and hope to do some oriental motifs and use that block as light or the sun and go from there to darkness...I may not be able to pull this off. Only time will tell if I do this or change my mind.

The size of the 2 blocks is 13 by 13. That is a funny size but I use these to cover photograph albums with for gifts for friends. I have made over 30 to give away and would you believe not one is at my house? That is the way it goes. I really want to do a special one for us but as soon as I have it almost finished I decide I need to bless someone else. I think my favorites were 2 I did in all white, cream and off white. I added some pale colors to the one with the flowers and the other just had a few bits of gold.

I need to get off to the grocery store for my parents so catch you all later.

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Vivian said...

Nice colours ... a great set of colours & fabrics wo work on.