Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This is a pattern I did for my MIL (Nana) one year. I ended up making her 10 for ladies in her Sunday School Class. Last week mom brought over some fabric I had given her from Nana and this fell out.......just the pattern on Irish Linen. Yesterday I did it. Linen is a good fabric to do it on because you get a good shadow. The picture under this is the back of the fabric. The closer you make the stitches the better the shadow. The head is about as wide as you want to do the shadow work.
I made this pin pillow with it with some edging I had around here and I used some very narrow ribbon to insert into the edging. There is enough room on each side of the bear to actually put a brooch on each side. She would buy a brooch for each lady and add a note on the other side of the bear. This was on the plate of each lady when they came to her home for a Christmas Tea. I remember we had Victorian bears in the middle of the table with beautiful red roses. This was the last tea she gave before she had to come and live with us. It is a beautiful memory and making this bear was a pleasure and I did it in memory of Nana. Enjoy it.

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