Thursday, February 7, 2008


I had just read a book about Russia and thought I need to make a pin cushion that reminds me of this country. As I was looking for ideas I found a site called "PaperCraft Inspirations". Since I love to make cards also I was having fun looking at all the templates they offer free. My mind goes to thinking "can I use that in my stitching or making felt boards for children that are very sick" does it have to be paper? ......and than I came to this template and I knew what I wanted to do.......Page 3 of the download.

I had to play with it a bit but this is what I came up with and it is a cheerful pincushion to have by my side. I also made one of the hearts beside it but gave it away before I took a picture. I want to make several more of both for gifts.

I think that as creative people we can look at template for all mediums and come up with a way to use them in felt or fabric. That is the fun of creating. Look though this site and you will find lots of fun templates to use for cards, or scrabooking or textiles. We have to learn to think outside the box.
The next Russian Doll I do I think I will make from fabric and do some silk ribbon embroidery on her. I would have to do some applique work also I think.


June said...

This is so cute. And would make a wonderful comfort doll for your friends, when you make it out of regular fabric and SRE. June

Pat Winter said...

She is a wonderful Comfort Doll. Cheerful and sweet! I am thrilled to reunite with you after so many years. Scootch over and I shall sit on the log by the stream and let's catch up.