Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I see so many projects when I look at this stash! I opened and felt each piece of fabric. The colors are so rich and have so many possibilities. I want to make a tea cozy and these might just end up in one…. we will see. The laces are so pretty and sure will dress up seams and add texture and I love beads and charms. I am one happy lady looking at all of this.

A special lady named Jill sent this to me and now I will pass one on to another lady waiting for her squishy.

I was thinking today about life and sharing. I was happy to sign up to do this exchange. It is fun to find fabrics and things to embellish our creations. It is part of the art of Crazy Quilting. Sharing our finds is also a huge part of our groups and swaps. But how are we at sharing all we have.

When I was a child growing up in a Mennonite Community I was taught to give the best we had to those who were in need. If we could not wear an article of clothing because it was worn out we did not give that to these folks but the best we had. The same with toys or food we were asked to share. It was a lesson I really learned. Look at it this way…someone is down and out and maybe living in a shelter and they receive some clothes and hope they will be clothes that may help them dress for a job interview. They open the bag and find a sweater with small holes in it or something that was out of style for years…. how does this make them feel. I know how it feels. You feel worse and lower than you did before you opened it. But if you open your gift and see new or gently used articles you gain some confidence and are ready to look like the job you are applying for. Why do we think folks are to be thankful for whatever they get? Shame on us.

I was working a food pantry some years ago and was looking at all the cans we had to wonder about because they were out of date and some by several years. Or strange foods that one would have to be a creative chef to even begin to use. I watched the people coming in and I knew they were grateful for what they were receiving but how does one cook a meal with a can of cranberry relish, pumpkin pie filling, and a pack of jello? They need flour, milk, eggs, fresh vegetables or at least some good canned vegetables, juice (not sugar water), here in the South cornmeal and rice. What I mentioned like the cranberry is useful as a side but not as a meal. I hate to use boxed junk and eat all they have added to make it instant so why would I think the poor need that when they really need wholesome food? I do not use out dated stuff so why think someone else must just because they are in need.

What I am trying to say here is we need to always pick out the best we have and share it….the lady that sent these things to me did that and I feel so blessed. I want to make sure I carry this to all areas of my life as I get the chance to share food, clothing, my time and talents. The Lord asks we share the best we have. This is a mandate not a suggestion.
Thanks Jill!


~~ said...

Oh Donna, what a enlightening post. How true it is that we give our rags and leftovers and think how charitable we are! Your post has left me in thought of those less fortunate ... orphans and the homeless. They deserve so much more. Thank you for sharing this.

Pat Winter said...

Exactly!!! You have hit upon what I truly believe. Give the best you have to offer,not the junk or outdated or left overs. If more people would realize that, more smiles would spread and more hearts would warm, including the givers. Thank you for this post.
If it is the Jill I know, she is one generous gal.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I agree totally. What have we been doing all this time. Thanks.