Friday, February 15, 2008

NEW CQ BLOCK, using Spring Challenge

I want this one to be a flower garden theme and so decided to use some bigger blocks. I wanted to use colors that would show off the colors of flowers.

Thanks Melissa for the wonderful tutorial for making a CQ block. I always have hand sewed them because I had trouble getting them right on the machine. Melissa's blog is here:

She sure has a lot of good tips and tutorials for us but how I love the "Eye Candy". So much to look at!

This afternoon I want to spend time deciding what I want to use in this block and get it in the basket I keep with me when I am working on a project.

I was thinking today about all the colors in a flower garden, all of the textures and all of the differences We as friends and acquaintances are like a flower garden. Some of us are colorful and have a personality that draws others to them. Some of us are a more subtle but so warm and inviting when you get closer, some of us are tall and stately, some are closer to the ground and draw our attention to the earth. Some have a wonderful smell and oh how we love to take a deep breath and fill our being with that smell. Than there are the very fragile flowers that will bruise so easily and we handle them in a very delicate way. But all of our differences make a beautiful garden. I have been to master gardens such as Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pa or Callaway Gardens here in Georgia. They are so perfect but each time you go it seems they draw you in and you see new things. That is how I feel about friends. I meet someone and their sparkling personality draws me to them and I am in for a lively time. At another time I meet someone for the second time and I begin to feel the warmth of a loving and caring heart. I know this person is trustworthy and will be a loyal friend. Along the way I have met people that draw me to the beauty of nature and to me they are the jewels of the earth. Than we meet a new friend that is in a fragile season of life and we want to nurture them with care and hope they blossom and grow.

Yes, I love a garden and a garden to me is God’s gift to all of us on earth. We just till the ground, plant the seed, water it and nurture it and keep the weeds away from it and than smile. A garden should always draw us to the Creator and we need to take time to thank Him for all he gives us to enjoy.


Vanessa said...

I am a knitter and totally love this pattern.
Where did you get it???
Great work

Amy J said...

Oooo, I went to that blog you mentioned (Honey Bee's Bliss) and checked out the tutorial.....looks like something I need to try! Thanks!!