Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I found out I had a few more extra days until the swap needed to be mailed out. I took this time to make the hostess of the swap a block too. I wanted to find a pattern that reminded me of her. She loves to work with yarns and really crochets a lot but this was a good one for her. I liked the idea of the lamb also. She is the one of the sweetest ladies I know. Her love for the Lord shines. She and her husband have 6 children and one on the way. Not too long ago they lost their home to a fire and so it has been a hard time. But I see the strength she met this challenge with and I admire her a lot. Heather is a real woman of faith! So hats off to her!
Now off to begin a new crazy quilt block with the other challenge piece I did......


Melissa said...

I've replied to you twice with my address and I don't think you are getting it! So I'm commenting here just in case you don't get the reply I just sent to you. I don't want to post my address in this comment so we need to figure out a way. My address may be going into your junk mail or trash area.

LadyV said...

Oh I Love that block! I am sure she'll be delighted. Beautiful stitching Donna.

(Vee http://brokenneedle.typepad.com)

Just Me said...

Donna, that is absolutely gorgeous. That little lamb will go right in the center of my quilt! I'm so honored to have your work!

All my love to you!

Deepa said...

Love the little lamb and the thought that went behind it.When I scrolled through your blog,it just caught my eye and I had to commend you for the beautiful work.

~~ said...

What lovely needle work! I just love the block and would enjoy doing an exchange with you... of course my needle work and quilting is NO where close to yours!