Sunday, February 10, 2008


Mom was over the other day and loved the Blue Birds. I have been very busy in the days trying to help them pack and get ready for their big move back to Florida. Dad will soon be 88 and mom soon be 85 and on the 26th of this month they wll be married 65 years. Alone that is quite an accomplishment. As I am out and about with them and they tell someone how long they have been married I see by the reactions that fe people have met someone that has been married that long. Mom and dad have been like a fish out of water in Atlanta. They are Mennonite and so being away from "like minded" people has been hard for them. I know they have been talking to each other for some time about moving back to a Mennonite Community. About a month ago they told me they needed to make this move and the 2 options were Virginia where they had gone to retire or to Sarasota where they had been very active for 20 years+. It seemed to fall in place for them to go back to Florida and they will be moving onto a mobil home in a retirement community. Mom has a brother there and they know quite a few more people there too. The church they were active in is next door. So the 23rd of this month we will be moving them.

Mom loves blue and so I decided to bring out the blue. I beaded the edge with a nice plue glass bead in 2 sizes and also but a pretty blue backing on it. I think I will take it along down and just before we leave to come home I will set it in her bed room as a surprise for her. I really did have fun finishing this and knowing mom will treasure it is a wonderful feeling for me.

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