Saturday, March 1, 2008


I am doing a needle book swap and although it is for the 1st of May I decided to have it ready for the trip we took to Florida. I had hoped to get more done but our Jack Russell Sparky decided he wanted to ride on my lap most of the time.

I am doing this on pink Dupioni Silk. I love working with this. The scene is on front and back. What I have done is on the back. I am required to use silk ribbon embroidery and so I have used as much as I feel will work. It will be a nice size for a Needle Book and I love making these. I think this is something I would love to collect. I also decided I would love a nice collection of pincushions too. Both are fun to use.

Today I am organizing what was a guest bedroom into a sitting room with my sewing supplies and card making stuff. We took our old chest of drawers and bureau from our bedroom and put in the ones mom gave me that were my Grandma’s. They are solid mahogany and almost as old as I ma but in great condition. We also put a sofa bed in there too and a old recliner that was dads. This way Zoe (GD) and I will have more place to play and I finally will have storage. So off to work I go.


tangled stitch said...

You do beautiful work and I love, love, love the picture of you in such a tranquil setting. Enjoy every moment.

Melissa said...

OH how beautiful! That looks familiar, hmm I think I've seen a pattern similar in an Inspirations Mag? Been wanting to make it too I even gathered supplies and then I just dropped the ball for some odd reason! LOL I should get it out again but after my CQ RR blocks are sent off.

Elisabeth Braun said...

Nice work! Looks like we have similar tastes.=)

Jon and Wendy said...

Oh, I totally love this. I really love hollyhocks soooo much. I can't seem to get them to grow very well in my yard but I have a few anyway. And I love the climbing rose up the bird house. Soooo cute.
Btw, thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I check on yours ever so often as well.

GiGi said...

I would love too be part of your book swap. I'm a recent member of the Hand Embroidery Group and I also live in Atlanta. Please let me know how I become part of this swap. My address is