Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is called "Mother Goose" and was in the "Inspirations Magazine" in issue 52. When I saw it I just knew I had to try it. I had few supplies and believe it or not I did not have felt. I found a piece of "something white" that has a look of flannel but has some stretch to it. Since I wanted to do it so bad I decided to use it. I still had not stitched enough since the mold to really say I was comfortable with the bullion roses. I had to read and check again in the beginning of this to see how to do them and so I put it all away and went back to making 3-D cards. That seemed easy. (This was a year and half ago)

When I started the blog I found this again and again I put it aside. I had my stitching abily built up and was enjoying it but did not like what I had accomplished with the project. I had the goose 3/4 of the way done and the bears ears. A week ago I decided I would finish it.

Here's why.....I have a precious friend (Lynn) that I treasure even through we have never met. She lives in Maine and she has 2 precious children. Both have health Issues. The daughter has a heart problem and it was just found. It has been hard on her and she has to change some activities and how well I understand that. I wanted to make her something with meaning. Now why would I chose this? I had a mountain I had to climb to really feel comfortable with my stitching. It is far from perfect and yet the beauty was still there. I wanted to be able to tell her that no matter what happens to you you can always find something to do and improve on. If I could conquer my problem with remembering what had come natural to me before the toxins and mold than she can learn new things that are going to add a lot to her life. She does love to create. Lynn said her daughter would love this. Last night I finished putting it all together. I see mistakes but over all it is OK.

The quarter helps you see how small the bear is and it is fully jointed. Hear "Hope The Bear" sits on a small votive cup. I named her that because life is always full of hope and especially when we have Jesus to hold on to.

This is "Hope's" backpack. The picture showed it as tan but I guess I decided to do it all in white. The other side has a pocket and the back pack is lined. I am calling this a prayer pocket and I am adding my prayer for her all folded in it. This is "Mother Goose".

This is her bottom. I guess if you hang in than you will be able to enjoy all this work.


I need your address!

Here is her blog.

I will get it out to you this week-end.

I know we did this a week late but there is a reason and if you have time read why I am having surgery on May 7th. I wrote about it in "Rambling In Atlanta"

Monday, April 14, 2008


This is the needle book I made for a swap. Again this was a fun project until I got to the sewing machine part. I have a good machine but I panic when I use it. When I was growing up as a Mennonite we made all our clothes. My mom was a perfectionist and had no patience to teach me and if the seam were not straight she would tear the whole project down and snatch it and make a remark like, “I knew I should have done it myself”.

I took Home Ec in my senior year. I was at my best cooking and made a high “A”. The decorating a house along with drawing house plans I made an “A”. Our teacher was not comfortable with teaching us to sew because she too was a perfectionist. I did great on the small things but the final mark was on a cape dress. My friend and I decided to try this beautiful pink linen. We came up with the idea of making it a drop waist. Now for you that do not know a cape was a extra piece of fabric that matched. It was like the bodice all over again without sleeves. It was belted at the waist. I hated these! I did not have to wear them at home or my home church but did at school. Making the cape a drop waist was a challenge and she made us tear out anything that as a 1/8th of an inch off. The zipper was taken out 2 times and the linen was raveling out. Than came the cape and she was conservative and decided the drop waist cape was not acceptable. She knew we planned to wear it without the cape so her way back at us was to give us a “D”. That hurt.
It seems that made me so nervous and my expectations I put on myself are so high that it drives me nuts.

I was pretty happy about the way it turned out. It is not perfect but I am gaining confidence. I plan to do some work on the inside. I have the time to do that. I really love the size of this needle book. Maybe I will have to make myself one.


I worked hard this weekend to finish 2 projects. I am happy to say I did it. To be honest this project was so much fun that I hate it is finished. I love all forms of stitching but this one became alive to me. I love to work with felt and I love to do stitching and this project gave me both. I see a few flaws in it and when I do the next one you can be sure I will correct them.
The book called for this all to be done in a sage green but because it is hard for me to get out I use what I have on hand. I love pink for a project like this also and to me the dark red adds life.
Since I love to crazy quilt I think I will crazy quilt the heart for the next one and do all my fancy stitching on that. The bear than will have to be dressed in a special fabric.... my mind just keeps ticking about the next one. I think there are too many hours in this to really sell them. But they will make special gifts.

I am going to finish another project I started before Christmas that is also from "Inspirations”. It is from Issue 52 and titled "Mother Goose".
It is a ornament that is full of stitching! The goose is made from felt as well as the bear on her back. The bear wears a backpack to put a note in and over the jointed bears arm is a miniature star and a miniature heart. I have several hours of bullion roses to do yet and that I will begin the construction.

Later today I will show you the entire needle book I finished over the weekend too.
The contest is still on for a few days and that John will pull the name.

Monday, April 7, 2008


This tiny purse took a long time. I decided to add my name and year inside the flap of her purse. Instead of crocheting a strap I simply braided the strap. There is a pocket inside the purse.
Here Sharon holds her purse.....looks like a bear ready to go shopping.I added bullion roses to the flap.
Several of you asked what I was giving and so here is the prize. Just let a comment and I will add your name to the drawing. So enter and pass on the blog to your friends so they can enter.

Oh, someone asked me why she has no face. It is a matter of pride...I will quote Dr. Donald Kraybill in "The Riddle of Amish Culture", notes that the Second Commandment was used to legitimize the taboo against pictures. "In the latter part of the nineteenth century, as photography was becoming popular, the Amish applied the biblical injunction against ‘likeness’ to photographs. Their aversion to photographs is a way of suppressing pride. If people see themselves displayed in a photograph, they might begin to take themselves too seriously."

Many tourists take plenty of pictures without even thinking about the beliefs of the Amish folks.
So if you decide to tour the Amish communities you may want to consider their beliefs. Also if you see books about Amish that Donald Kraybill wrote you are gettig the truth about the Amish people. Maybe I can brag just a bit...he is a second cousin of mine.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have been working on "Dear Heart" off and on this week. I still am having serious problems with my sinus infection and it effects my eyes. This is not what you want when you love to stitch.
I have named her "Sharon". I was adopted and my parents changed my name to Donna Jean. I was almost grown when I saw my birth certificate and saw I was named "Sharon" at birth. As crazy as it sounds I often have to think am I a Sharon Ann or a Donna Jean...John thinks I am a bit of both. I have met some of my birth family and still am in contact with my brother.....Growing up I always wanted a big brother but was for most part an only child.
Back to the Bear.....It was fun to do the embroidery and than put her together. It is great to have the little pockets on her dress both front and back. I know I will use them. I seldom make myself anything and this is one I will keep. I am now working on her hand bag and hat box and the heart that she stays in when I am not using her.
I will be making another bear but not for sewing.....for Zoe my almost 3 year old granddaughter.
She fell in love with it. I will make her some clothes she can put on and take off. I am almost allergic to my sewing machine but do love making projects like these.
So what do you all think? Leave me a comment. If you do I will add have John pick the number to win my Amish Chatelaine. You can see it on a previous entry. We will do this next Sunday so make sure you add a email address so I can reach you.