Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is called "Mother Goose" and was in the "Inspirations Magazine" in issue 52. When I saw it I just knew I had to try it. I had few supplies and believe it or not I did not have felt. I found a piece of "something white" that has a look of flannel but has some stretch to it. Since I wanted to do it so bad I decided to use it. I still had not stitched enough since the mold to really say I was comfortable with the bullion roses. I had to read and check again in the beginning of this to see how to do them and so I put it all away and went back to making 3-D cards. That seemed easy. (This was a year and half ago)

When I started the blog I found this again and again I put it aside. I had my stitching abily built up and was enjoying it but did not like what I had accomplished with the project. I had the goose 3/4 of the way done and the bears ears. A week ago I decided I would finish it.

Here's why.....I have a precious friend (Lynn) that I treasure even through we have never met. She lives in Maine and she has 2 precious children. Both have health Issues. The daughter has a heart problem and it was just found. It has been hard on her and she has to change some activities and how well I understand that. I wanted to make her something with meaning. Now why would I chose this? I had a mountain I had to climb to really feel comfortable with my stitching. It is far from perfect and yet the beauty was still there. I wanted to be able to tell her that no matter what happens to you you can always find something to do and improve on. If I could conquer my problem with remembering what had come natural to me before the toxins and mold than she can learn new things that are going to add a lot to her life. She does love to create. Lynn said her daughter would love this. Last night I finished putting it all together. I see mistakes but over all it is OK.

The quarter helps you see how small the bear is and it is fully jointed. Hear "Hope The Bear" sits on a small votive cup. I named her that because life is always full of hope and especially when we have Jesus to hold on to.

This is "Hope's" backpack. The picture showed it as tan but I guess I decided to do it all in white. The other side has a pocket and the back pack is lined. I am calling this a prayer pocket and I am adding my prayer for her all folded in it. This is "Mother Goose".

This is her bottom. I guess if you hang in than you will be able to enjoy all this work.

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zetor said...

I think your work is beautiful and 'Hope' is such a lovely name. I have a few copies of 'Inspiratons' magazine myself but have never plucked up the courage to try anything.My work would never be as good as yours. Well done!