Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have been working on "Dear Heart" off and on this week. I still am having serious problems with my sinus infection and it effects my eyes. This is not what you want when you love to stitch.
I have named her "Sharon". I was adopted and my parents changed my name to Donna Jean. I was almost grown when I saw my birth certificate and saw I was named "Sharon" at birth. As crazy as it sounds I often have to think am I a Sharon Ann or a Donna Jean...John thinks I am a bit of both. I have met some of my birth family and still am in contact with my brother.....Growing up I always wanted a big brother but was for most part an only child.
Back to the Bear.....It was fun to do the embroidery and than put her together. It is great to have the little pockets on her dress both front and back. I know I will use them. I seldom make myself anything and this is one I will keep. I am now working on her hand bag and hat box and the heart that she stays in when I am not using her.
I will be making another bear but not for sewing.....for Zoe my almost 3 year old granddaughter.
She fell in love with it. I will make her some clothes she can put on and take off. I am almost allergic to my sewing machine but do love making projects like these.
So what do you all think? Leave me a comment. If you do I will add have John pick the number to win my Amish Chatelaine. You can see it on a previous entry. We will do this next Sunday so make sure you add a email address so I can reach you.


Ally said...


I love the bear it's so cute. Your very talented. Oh your grandaughter is gonna love her bear can't wait to see pictures of it.


Sharon said...

Donna your bear is just lovely. She looks cherrful and I love the design on her ears and feet. You do awesome work and I am sure when you make your other one for your granddaughter she will love that one also.
Sometime we just need to make at least one thing for us and it looks like she would be a perfect assistant to help you when you need it.

JC said...

That bear is beautiful! I love the details on the dress.... YUM!
Great job!

zetor said...

That bear is gorgeous! I've just found your blog so I hope you won't mind if I add it to 'Places I like to visit' on my blog. 'Mogs book blog and ... '

Leona said...

HOW cute this bear is!! I love all the detail of it, TOO CUTE!!
Love your BW sister,

KM said...

Your bear is amazing! Truly. Another thing I like is it is so traditional and it would be nice for more young folks to have something like this to cherish.

Amy J said...
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Amy J said...

Oh, I thought I could edit my last post, but it didn't let me so I deleted it. *sigh* I forgot to leave my email, though I'm pretty sure you have it.

Anyway, I love Miss Sharon! She appears to be quite a lady and full of the joy of life, with all her pretties. How fun! And I'm sure Zoe will love having a lady bear of her own to love on! Great job!!!