Monday, April 14, 2008


This is the needle book I made for a swap. Again this was a fun project until I got to the sewing machine part. I have a good machine but I panic when I use it. When I was growing up as a Mennonite we made all our clothes. My mom was a perfectionist and had no patience to teach me and if the seam were not straight she would tear the whole project down and snatch it and make a remark like, “I knew I should have done it myself”.

I took Home Ec in my senior year. I was at my best cooking and made a high “A”. The decorating a house along with drawing house plans I made an “A”. Our teacher was not comfortable with teaching us to sew because she too was a perfectionist. I did great on the small things but the final mark was on a cape dress. My friend and I decided to try this beautiful pink linen. We came up with the idea of making it a drop waist. Now for you that do not know a cape was a extra piece of fabric that matched. It was like the bodice all over again without sleeves. It was belted at the waist. I hated these! I did not have to wear them at home or my home church but did at school. Making the cape a drop waist was a challenge and she made us tear out anything that as a 1/8th of an inch off. The zipper was taken out 2 times and the linen was raveling out. Than came the cape and she was conservative and decided the drop waist cape was not acceptable. She knew we planned to wear it without the cape so her way back at us was to give us a “D”. That hurt.
It seems that made me so nervous and my expectations I put on myself are so high that it drives me nuts.

I was pretty happy about the way it turned out. It is not perfect but I am gaining confidence. I plan to do some work on the inside. I have the time to do that. I really love the size of this needle book. Maybe I will have to make myself one.


Melissa said...

OH I just love that needlebook! I've been wanting to make on like it ever since I saw that issue of Inspirations Mag, I have all that I need to make it but just haven't done it yet!
I don't care for sewing either, and I avoid it as much as I can! LOL I never had anything like that happen to me but I too do not like it when I can't seem to do it "perfect" but I don't have the patience to get it just so! LOL I try my best to let well enough be, not everything has to be perfect and that's ok. I do my best and then accept it as is if it's not too bad.

Sharon said...

Donna I think your needlecase is just beautiful. It is very cheerful the colors of the stiching compliment the needlecase background....I think we should just try to let things that happen to us in the past make us better in the present and it certainly does look like that is what you have done, good for you!!!

Love to Stitch 99 said...


Just happened to have a look at your blog and saw the same needlecase I did, except mine is embroidered just like the one in the wonderful magazine Inspirations. I can see that you are also a big fan of it just like I am.

Love your version of it. Quite beautiful.

Pierrette =^..^=

zetor said...

That needlecase is wonderful. I , too have the magazine but I haven't tried it. I really think yout version is beautiful.

Thelma said...

Beautiful needlebook! I don't think you should have any fears of your sewing,,it looks great! And all your embroidery and sr work is totally awesome.

Doris said...

is a beautiful needlecase,i love the choice of pink fabric, look really beauty, congratulations!

Willa said...

Outstanding work. There is a 1/38 chance I could get this...teeheehee!

Candi said...

The needlebook is absolutely gorgeous!!!You do just beautiful work!

Rengin Yazitas said...

I loved that wonderful needlebook.
I wonder which lucky gal will have it:))

Gerry said...

The needle book is simply gorgeous! You've done an incredible job with your stitching and riboon work.

Jeanne said...

your needlebook is just gorgeous . I love all the stitching you did on it, specially the tree. I do not care for sewing either and my sewing machine is not really my friend ! When I read about your mother' s sewing, I thought I heard MY mother, really weird . And I am living in Switzerland , so just funny we had the same experience!
You did marvellous job with your stitching and SRE.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful needlecase Donna. What a perfect gift to usher in spring!

Candi said...

I just droooool everytime I see this! It's so beautiful.