Monday, April 7, 2008


This tiny purse took a long time. I decided to add my name and year inside the flap of her purse. Instead of crocheting a strap I simply braided the strap. There is a pocket inside the purse.
Here Sharon holds her purse.....looks like a bear ready to go shopping.I added bullion roses to the flap.
Several of you asked what I was giving and so here is the prize. Just let a comment and I will add your name to the drawing. So enter and pass on the blog to your friends so they can enter.

Oh, someone asked me why she has no face. It is a matter of pride...I will quote Dr. Donald Kraybill in "The Riddle of Amish Culture", notes that the Second Commandment was used to legitimize the taboo against pictures. "In the latter part of the nineteenth century, as photography was becoming popular, the Amish applied the biblical injunction against ‘likeness’ to photographs. Their aversion to photographs is a way of suppressing pride. If people see themselves displayed in a photograph, they might begin to take themselves too seriously."

Many tourists take plenty of pictures without even thinking about the beliefs of the Amish folks.
So if you decide to tour the Amish communities you may want to consider their beliefs. Also if you see books about Amish that Donald Kraybill wrote you are gettig the truth about the Amish people. Maybe I can brag just a bit...he is a second cousin of mine.


Donna C said...

I always so enjoy looking at your work, Donna! I knew that about Amish dolls (not having a face) and think it actually makes a doll look more endearing, in some way. Did some research on your names... will be sending that via email. Love you, dear sister in Christ!

In Him,
Donna C

Javamom said...


The bear is *precious* and you're right, she does look ready to go shopping with her tiny purse completed! Your handwork is inspiring, so thank you for sharing it with us! With His Love,

Kim in TX

Charita said...

I think your bear is wonderful, and I enjoy your blogg.

Kathy said...

Your purse is adorable and the little bear so cute! Thanks for sharing your work.

zetor said...

Your handiwork is so good.Thankyou for sharing.

Sharon said...

Donna I actully think you honored the amish by making your chatelaine
without the face. I have also learned a little bit of the Amish culture and it continues to amaze me...good luck with all of your endeavers. Love the bear also, too cute.

Thelma said...

Hello Donna,
Your handwork is an inspiration to me, the little bear with the purse is so is the chatelaine..We were in Kentucky back probably 12 years ago and come upon an Amish community, we bought some of the most wonderful wooden rocking chairs..Those lasted for years,,I loved them so much the way the were made.I was saddened when I wore them out. (g)

sbonetsue said...

I have made many amish dolls and never would I put on a face, it is important to honor the beliefs of others even in small ways. Your work is lovely, thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

Diana said...

I loved your needlecase. Your work is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Diana

Carol said...


Your little chatelaine is gorgeous.

I visited Amish country back in '99 and stayed in a bed and breakfast in Lancaster county. A whole different way of life but one I would love to experience again.