Monday, April 14, 2008


I worked hard this weekend to finish 2 projects. I am happy to say I did it. To be honest this project was so much fun that I hate it is finished. I love all forms of stitching but this one became alive to me. I love to work with felt and I love to do stitching and this project gave me both. I see a few flaws in it and when I do the next one you can be sure I will correct them.
The book called for this all to be done in a sage green but because it is hard for me to get out I use what I have on hand. I love pink for a project like this also and to me the dark red adds life.
Since I love to crazy quilt I think I will crazy quilt the heart for the next one and do all my fancy stitching on that. The bear than will have to be dressed in a special fabric.... my mind just keeps ticking about the next one. I think there are too many hours in this to really sell them. But they will make special gifts.

I am going to finish another project I started before Christmas that is also from "Inspirations”. It is from Issue 52 and titled "Mother Goose".
It is a ornament that is full of stitching! The goose is made from felt as well as the bear on her back. The bear wears a backpack to put a note in and over the jointed bears arm is a miniature star and a miniature heart. I have several hours of bullion roses to do yet and that I will begin the construction.

Later today I will show you the entire needle book I finished over the weekend too.
The contest is still on for a few days and that John will pull the name.


Wendy said...

Awwww it is sooo cute!!!
Really adorable.

Doris said...

ooh! is so cute! i fall inlove of this litle bear,,beautiful! you make wonderful thing, you can see the loce in there.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

It's gorgeous!!