Saturday, May 31, 2008


What I thought would be a short time away from the blog has turned into a long time. I had my total knee replacement done on the 7Th of May. There was a complication and it sure slowed me down. My surgeon nicked my Femoral Artery. That added time to the surgery and gave me a very close call. It took 4 units of blood to get me back to some energy. In this process he told my family he had never worked on such a terrible mess. I had not bent that knee for over 2 years and the damage from the Arthritis was extensive. So my recovery is slow. I am 3 weeks past it all and my range of motion is a slow process. They may have to put me back into the operating room and do a manipulation of that knee. I pray not. The therapy is both painful and tiring.

I have been both depressed and very thankful at the same time. Meds are always hard on me and I believe that is part of the depression and so I have pulled off the pain pills and I am better. I know the Lord was with me in that operating room. In recovery I kept coming to only to hear that my blood pressure was way to low and they were losing me and than I would go under again. I remember seeing my grandma but I could not get to her. To me I see this all as the Lord telling me I have work here on earth to do for him. I am thankful for this. My family really came together as they cared for me in the hospital. My oldest daughter took time off work and stayed with me 2 nights. My son came to the hospital and it was very hard on him. I saw his love for me and I am blessed. Nicole spent the first night away from her precious Zoe to stay a night and than get up and do her daughter's birthday party that day. That was indeed a sacrifice. John took the time off and was at my side cheering me on. Since I am home he has prepared the best meals and cared for me in such a loving way. I always knew he was a gift from God but I have come to appreciate his love even more. So all in all I can count my blessings and have a heart that rejoices in my Heavenly Father.

When I am on my machine to help the range of motion.... 2 hours several times a day, I have found I can stitch on small projects. So I have decided to do small felt creatures and make them pin cushions....These mice are from the"Inspiration" magazines. They were fun to make and as soon as I knew my friend was coming to see me from Florida I knew she would treasure them.
She loves to cross stitch and said these would be her new pin cushions. So they are on a journey back to their new home in Florida. I see things I would change next time but they did turn out as cute as a button.


NormaH said...

Donna, the mice pin cushions are adorable. Keep stitching as it continues to be part of your therapy. Prayers for physical healing continue coming your way.

zetor said...

Donna, I've been checking your blog, I didn't realise you were in hospital. Prayers for a speedy recovery. The mice are so cute, I haven't done much stitching for ages but I always found it beneficial.

Thelma said...

Donna, I have been wondering how your surgery went. Praying for a successful recovery. So sorry to hear about everything that has happened to you during the surgery. Your mice are adorable, continue stitching, the best therapy a person can have.