Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The process I use to cover a notebook to make it into a photo album is simple. I have made over 20 of these for friends. I use a good quality of batting and measure it to cover the notebook. Than using a hot glue gun I hold it in place. I cut 2 cardboard pieces to fit the inside and also cover the with batting. I cover the batting in the front with velvet in this case and pull it tightly inside and hot glue it. Than I add the first trim with the glue gun. The inside pieces are covered with velvet and glued in place. Than I add a contrasting color trim because I like a finished look.
I have completed a piece of crazy quilt and hot glued it to a piece of cardboard also covered with batting and pull it tightly to the back. This piece did not look finished to me and so I hunted through my stash and decided to use this roll of Yarn for better word. It looks like ribbon to me and I use it a lot.
I took a close up picture and you can see I never cut the stuff but gathered it up as I attached it to the edge and I am really happy with the outcome. That took me 2 hours alone. I think the whole thing has about 30 hours in it from start to finish. This crazy quilt patch I put together by all hand stitching....(Thanks to Melissa I now can do them on a machine.)
Here is the finished album ready to go to the massage place called "The Art Of Touch". The are really helping me with my recovery. I have used them a year and find the Swedish Massage and deep tissue that Sara gives me has helped my pain level and has kept the second knee from getting worse. Now it is helping me bend the knee that has been stiff and straight for over 2 years.l They Take a lot of pictures and have a book club also and wished for a photo this should please them. They do sell a lot of things I make.
This is the inside of the album. I kept with the colors they use in the waiting room.


deborah said...


This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the wonderful things you make. God has given you such a talent and an eye for the work you do. Gorgeous.. just like you my precious sister.

Melissa said...

Oh wow what a treasure! I'm sure whoever is the recipient will feel extra special when you give that gift! I just love giving gifts too so much fun!

Elisabeth Braun said...

That's lovely, Donna, nice work!

zetor said...

I absolutely LOVE that. It is a masterpiece.

Annette said...

I've enjoyed looking through your blog. You make some very beautiful things.

zetor said...

Hello Donna, lovely work. I have tagged you. Please visit my blog for details.