Sunday, June 1, 2008


Last week I worked on another creature. Maybe I will tell you all that before I went to the hospital I prepared 8 projects for me to do. I knew that if the projects were ready to do embroidery I would pick them up. I also fixed a basket with my silk ribbons, threads and beads. This sure has come in handy.

Back to this mouse...She is from "Inspirations" magazine, Issue 11. Her name is Amelia Mouse. I did not have just what they used and so I just used what I have. I think she too would make a pin cushion. She was fun to do and really did not take a lot of time.

Today I seemed to make a bit of progress in the bending of the knee It is ever so slight but my husband was pleased. I still am so very tired and that concerns me some. Keep praying I make a lot of progress tomorrow and Tuesday. I see the doctor again on Wednesday. Thanks.


Allison Ann Aller said...

This last little mouse is SO CUTE!
I like the crazy quilt "rug", too...

deborah said...


You do such great work! I love this little guy.. so cute! I'm praying for much improvement on your knee and that God would restore your rest.... LOVE YOU!

Ann said...

All your work is beautiful, I love the detail in it.

alicia in Hawaii said...

Love the cute little mouse! Great job with it! Leave it to those Inspirations magazine people to come up with such wonderful projects.
I hope your knee improves. Be good to yourself in recovery.
smiles, alicia in Hawaii,