Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sure does bite hard! They loved these at the place I go for my massages. The owner goes to a cancer clinic to give chair massages once a week. She tries to find little fun things to take to them so you will see the ones I did for her to give. We gave some of them names and she sure will name the rest if I know her. I pinned them on the elephant I started and never finished. It sure was cute!

You may pick out "Princess", "Grandma", "Sunflower" and "Mother Earth". Which do you think they are?

This one I placed on a blue milk lid to hold her up a bit to photograph her. She was a lot of fun to make....We named her "Moonbeam". I found that fun dog in a junk bag from Goodwill. It is a vintage piece but it belonged howling at "Moonbeam".
These were fun but I need to get back to finishing several of the previous projects.
Let me tell you, make one of these and you will be hooked!

Monday, July 21, 2008

ONE PROJECT DONE, Another One Started

The rose is for a wrist pincushion swap. I have made the roses before but this time there is thin batting in between the velvet to make it more like a pincushion. I have one for myself and have used it for over a year now. I hope the lady it goes to will enjoy this one.
I needed a pick up and go project and so I started this one last Monday. A Canadian Needle arts magazine called "A Needle Pulling Threads" had this pattern in the Summer 2008 Issue. It is called "The Garden Swing". The trunk has a layer of felt first and than a modified raised stem stitch is used to help it look like bark. I still have more grass to do, the swings ropes and several more layers of leaves on the tree. This one has been fun to do. I think it will make a needle book.

I made several more Dotee Dolls and forgot to take a picture. They can be addictive! I also made some progress on the crazy quilting piece. So all in all I had a good week. How about your week?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have wanted to try a Dotee Doll but kept putting it off. I really like them but to be honest it is outside the box for my comfort zone. I woke up this morning knowing I wanted to do something special for my massage friend, Sara. She is a free spirit and dresses often in a whimsical way that simply fits her personality. She is making head way with my knee and we both feel she has helped the muscles that were not used for the previous 2+ years. As I wondered what I could do I remembered the Dotee Doll. It was a perfect match.

I pulled out fabric I knew she would like and went from there. You will see green around one side of her face and that is because Sara is a advocate for the “Green” way of life. She loves flowers and so I added quite a few of those and just to be quirky I added several sea shells because she loves the beach. I tried to match the colors to her personality too.

I added a pin to the back and wore it when I went for my massage. Her eyes went to it right away and she touched it admiring it. She asked if I made it and I said
I sure did. Than I started taking it off as I said….”I made it for you, Sara.” She was thrilled and put it on. It will be named later.

Now I am hooked! They have sold fabric flower corsages I made and pincushions and a few small needle books. Shannon the owner takes them with her at “The Fresh Market” on Sat. morning in Piedmont Park. Now we may add these. How much do you charge for them? I have no idea.
Yes, I am about to cut a few more as soon as I put this down….
Credit needs to go to Dot's Life and Art...she has mastered these. I only wish I could do that.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

WHAT I AM WORKING ON THIS WEEK and nice blogs to visit

You will see this is the block I put together some time back. I must say again, Thanks Melissa for putting up such a good tutorial. Make sure you check her out at Honey Bee's Bliss.
Here is he tutorial:
I decided to make this more of a oriental square. For the flower tree on the bottom and the Pagoda I used the tissue paper instead of marking on the cloth and I must say I enjoyed that and I will be doing it a lot more.
I wove the basket on the top with the orange flowers. The old crochet yellow rose was from stuff I found when we moved mom and dad to Florida. Zoe helped me sew that on. She stayed with me and I would aim the needle and bring it up where it needed to go and she puled it the rest of the way. Than I would stick it down and turn it over and she would pull it again. For a 3 year old she sure stayed with it. She told her mom she made the whole block.
I have the seams to do and a bit more on the blocks. This will be for a album again. I am going to try to sell it, I sure don't know what a fair price would be. Any ideas?
I thought I would share a few blogs today that I love.
Prairie Mouse.....lots of great eye candy
Great tutorial on the spiral trellis stitch and it is new to me but I am anxious to try it!
Contemplating My Needle and Thread
Wonderful cross stitch! I am ready to pull mine out again.
A good mix of many sewing skills.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have been tagged by Zetor

1.What were you doing 5 years ago ?
We took a job in Florida. For me it was a dream and for John a place to sharpen his photography and work close to nature. But it was not to be a good experience. We than took a job at a huge apartment complex as John being a supervisor. That is where we encountered the toxic mold and lost all our possessions and have faced some hard health issues since than. It was some hard times but we learned a lot. God never allows us to go to a place to let us go...we learned to hold on tight to His precious hand and trust Him to teach us. We learned gossip will not kill you because the truth wins out. Our Heavenly Father walked with us each step of the way!

2. What 5 things on your to-do list today?
It is evening and I am finishing our meal. I did get my items done.
I finished 2 loads of wash, went to the grocery store, made smoothies for lunch, and cleaned some of my craft room. We are having a shrimp boil and fresh hot bread for our meal. Than I exercise my knee.

3. What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
Fresh fruit
Hot Tea with a sweet
salty snacks
Kettle cooked potato chips
Fresh tomatoes

4.What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?
Pay college for my 4 grand kids.
Help a missionary friend that goes to Honduras way up in the mountains where he must walk. The needs are so great there.
Help some elderly people that are lonely and living without much food or being able to afford their medicine.
Open a home for unwanted foster kids. I have had 23 in my life and know so many need help.
The last one goes with the above. People give foster kids awful clothes. They need a clothes closet to go to that allows a teen to learn how to dress and with nice clothes. We did that when we ran a home for teen girls and had stores give us things that we could mend or clean. We had prom gowns for them and good shoes and with the clothes came lessons on being a lady. It was successful.

5. What 5 jobs have you done?
I am a wife, mother and grandma.
Nanny after high school.
Retail work as a teen and than when I owned my own craft store.
Owned my catering business
I was an aide to farm workers children under a Federal program and I loved it!

I will let you all know who I tagged tomorrow.