Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have wanted to try a Dotee Doll but kept putting it off. I really like them but to be honest it is outside the box for my comfort zone. I woke up this morning knowing I wanted to do something special for my massage friend, Sara. She is a free spirit and dresses often in a whimsical way that simply fits her personality. She is making head way with my knee and we both feel she has helped the muscles that were not used for the previous 2+ years. As I wondered what I could do I remembered the Dotee Doll. It was a perfect match.

I pulled out fabric I knew she would like and went from there. You will see green around one side of her face and that is because Sara is a advocate for the “Green” way of life. She loves flowers and so I added quite a few of those and just to be quirky I added several sea shells because she loves the beach. I tried to match the colors to her personality too.

I added a pin to the back and wore it when I went for my massage. Her eyes went to it right away and she touched it admiring it. She asked if I made it and I said
I sure did. Than I started taking it off as I said….”I made it for you, Sara.” She was thrilled and put it on. It will be named later.

Now I am hooked! They have sold fabric flower corsages I made and pincushions and a few small needle books. Shannon the owner takes them with her at “The Fresh Market” on Sat. morning in Piedmont Park. Now we may add these. How much do you charge for them? I have no idea.
Yes, I am about to cut a few more as soon as I put this down….
Credit needs to go to Dot's Life and Art...she has mastered these. I only wish I could do that.

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