Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sure does bite hard! They loved these at the place I go for my massages. The owner goes to a cancer clinic to give chair massages once a week. She tries to find little fun things to take to them so you will see the ones I did for her to give. We gave some of them names and she sure will name the rest if I know her. I pinned them on the elephant I started and never finished. It sure was cute!

You may pick out "Princess", "Grandma", "Sunflower" and "Mother Earth". Which do you think they are?

This one I placed on a blue milk lid to hold her up a bit to photograph her. She was a lot of fun to make....We named her "Moonbeam". I found that fun dog in a junk bag from Goodwill. It is a vintage piece but it belonged howling at "Moonbeam".
These were fun but I need to get back to finishing several of the previous projects.
Let me tell you, make one of these and you will be hooked!


craftydiane said...

Your Dotte Dolls are so cute! I know they will bring a smile to the ones who receive them. It is so nice of you to give them to cancer patients. My mother died of cancer 3 years ago and this little doll is just the kind of thing that would have brightened her day.
Have a Blessed Day,

donnag said...

I hope they bring a smile to these cancer patients too. I notice they make most folks smile. They all have pin backs so they can wear them.
Thanks for the encouragement. I am sorry about your mother.

Wendy said...

These Dolls are adorable. I am positive that they will make people smile. Such a great idea.
Thank you so much for your compliments on Melissa's pillow. This was one project that was very important to me to turn out perfect and I think it did. She really loved it.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Donna-love, as always your handiwork is exquisite! It's especially beautiful because you care, you give, you love. I'm so blessed to call you my friend. Hugs, Ennyjay