Thursday, July 3, 2008

WHAT I AM WORKING ON THIS WEEK and nice blogs to visit

You will see this is the block I put together some time back. I must say again, Thanks Melissa for putting up such a good tutorial. Make sure you check her out at Honey Bee's Bliss.
Here is he tutorial:
I decided to make this more of a oriental square. For the flower tree on the bottom and the Pagoda I used the tissue paper instead of marking on the cloth and I must say I enjoyed that and I will be doing it a lot more.
I wove the basket on the top with the orange flowers. The old crochet yellow rose was from stuff I found when we moved mom and dad to Florida. Zoe helped me sew that on. She stayed with me and I would aim the needle and bring it up where it needed to go and she puled it the rest of the way. Than I would stick it down and turn it over and she would pull it again. For a 3 year old she sure stayed with it. She told her mom she made the whole block.
I have the seams to do and a bit more on the blocks. This will be for a album again. I am going to try to sell it, I sure don't know what a fair price would be. Any ideas?
I thought I would share a few blogs today that I love.
Prairie Mouse.....lots of great eye candy
Great tutorial on the spiral trellis stitch and it is new to me but I am anxious to try it!
Contemplating My Needle and Thread
Wonderful cross stitch! I am ready to pull mine out again.
A good mix of many sewing skills.


Melissa said...

Donna your block is looking beautiful! So glad the tutorial helped you!
As for selling...since usually it's fancy fabrics and hours of piecing and embellishing (pretty labor intensive) I would say the price would be reason I tend to not sell any CQ no one wants to pay a fair price in this low cost fast paced machine made market. I prefer to keep the value of my work intact by giving crazy quilted items as gifts and create other types of items for sale.

donnag said...

Melissa, I think you are right. I go to a massage place next door and made the other one for them. They have had folks asking about the album and if they were for sale. But the hours are mounting up quick.I have made over 20 crazy quilt albums and all were gifts.

Thanks for letting a comment.

Susimac said...

Thanks Donna for visiting and commenting on my blog and Thankyou too for the link thats very kind of you.

Jeanne said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for the great comment and recommendation for my stitch tutorial. I'm glad you appreciated it!

Thanks for the other links, too! :-)