Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I did one pin cushion and 2 needle books while sitting with mom. The strawberry one called for french knots but I wanted to use black beads. I hope you enjoy these.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have to stitch when I am sitting around. It is a habit I am thankful for. I remember Aunt Emily reminding me as a child that "Idle hands are the devils workshop".
My mom fell and broke her hip when we were moving her to Virginia. We had only been here 20 minutes and the accident happened. If you want to see the stress and the answers to prayer check out my blog called "Taking Care of Mother"

The photo above is a pin cushion I made. I grabbed my varrigated floss, felt, beads and what I could fit in a Trader Joe's bag when we went home to return the truck and store moms stuff. When we got back I saw I forgot any patterns.....Michaels is accross the street and with $5.00
in my pocket I went there for an idea. I looked in the dollar bins and found 4 felt coasters
for $1.00. I selected 2 patterns and hoped I would have an inspiration from them. I did and the
pic cushion turned out cute. I am making these things for mom to give her nurses. This brings her joy.

This is the second pattern I did and I am happier with this one. They take about 2 days to do one pin cushion.nI sit with her 3 hours in the afternoon and sew on them here after our evening visit.
This is the coaster before I cut some out. The felt id still but a pin can easily go through it.

This is the four I have cut out and I am getting a good idea to do with these.
I wanted to share this simple and thrifty project. I think sometimes when we stitch we go for the
patterns and kits but to me it is fun to see what I can do with simple things.