Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent Calendar Tutorials

I love Advent Calendars and thought I would put together the links I have marked.
I made this one for a gift several years ago.....It is felt pockets.
Mini Pinata Advent Calendar....I love this one! Kids could help with this one.
This is using quilt pockets.
This is one crom metal tins and cardstock.
Felt and embroidery make this idea attractive.
Felt Christmas Tree and ornament idea.
Match book Advent.....
Felt House Tutorial
Little Birds you add to cute!
Advent Mural
Jean Pocket one.
Re-cycle one...this is so cute!
Yo-Yo One and I am working on this for next Year....
Cardboard Tubes
Paper Houses
Simple Candy Kiss hanging on ribbon.
Several Origami Advent Calendars

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