Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh My

I have been absent but I have been busy! We have made a move to Georgia to be closer to our dear friends and family.

These are my "Wee Folk". I love making them and have found them to be something I want to make more and more. I just finished making 5 "Harvest Folk" for my new neighbor lady.

I wanted to try felting a wool sweater to make his pants and jacket. I simply washed a 100% wool sweater in hot water 2 times and than was able to cut them out and they did not fray. That was fun! They come from the book by Salley Mavor. If you do not have this book I suggest you get one.....Follow her will be so inspired!

I love working with felt and in Virginia I was selling them at a market at a friends home. The eye glass cases sold faster than I could make them. This pattern was loved. The pattern came from the web site:
This is a great site!

Virginia had beautiful farms and so the tourists loved anything that reminded them of this. The mountains actually take on a purple hue at times and so I had fun with that. The color here is not
quite correct.

Another thing that sold well was a tea cozy. Again this one was much like the farms in the back roads.......I made many of these and will post some soon. I had no pattern and made these as I went. I find it is fun to use felt in this manner.

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