Sunday, December 12, 2010


The last part of this order was for a teen boy. My friend requested a Bengal Tiger Ornament. This was a challenge....I started with their logo and built on it. It was like doing a paper snowflake when I cut the black felt. Stitching it took a steady hand. But I am well pleased with it.
The pillow was to be for the University of Alabama. I put it on a hounds tooth fabric in honor of "Bear Bryant". He usually wore a hat made from this fabric. It seemed like Roll Tide belonged on the other side......

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finished Ornaments

These go to the kids I made the pillows for. On the back is their name and 2010. Again I had no pattern but used coloring pages and do my own thing.

The hand beading on this just makes it beautiful on the tree.

I mad the lizard with pipe cleaner inside and so you can pose him on a branch......

Or hang him by his tail........

You may notice the heart on my precious husband made that for me when we were first married. I simply love it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sheet music wreath for the tree. I love this idea!
Candy Wreath....I love this blog!
Paper Leaf Wreath
Fluffy Wreath.....made from many felt circles.
Button wreaths
Ornament Wreath
Christmas Music Wreath..... you have to see this.
Love this idea!
Natural winter wreath
Make a wreath to wear if you crochet.
Large crochet wreath.
Fabric scrap wreath
Dog Bone picture but simple.
Bird seed for kids.
Pinecone Wreath
Crayon Wreath

Shark Pillow

This is the shark pillow.....I used a coloring page for the idea and adjusted it and added the 3-D parts. The tail and fins are lightly filled and it added a lot. Now on to the ornaments.