Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Quiet Book is Finished!

I was so happy to get the book finished so my neighbor could have it for Easter for her granddaughter.I hope you all will enjoy this finished totally original creation.
 I wanted the back of the dolls to be as finished as the fronts. You can see the hair styles too.
 The ones with braids were a challenge but fun.
 This shows you most of the items that can be added and played with wherever Catie wants to. I did not include here the items in the kitchen because you can see that in the last posts.
 The yellow pocket is deep enough for the dolls. The other one holds all the pieces. I used Velcro to keep the pockets closed.

 Catie can use the front for daytime using the sun and clouds or she can.....
 Have it be night with the moon and stars.
 I did this whole book by hand and figured out how to secure it without a seam down the middle. Now on to a farm Quiet Book!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


   This is the cover. I have to stitch the name down. Both dogs and the bone are lose. She can move them to any page. She loves dogs. I am going to make flowers she can pretend to plant and take the in and put them in a vase. Catie wants this to have a moon and stars....should I make it a cute "Man in the Moon" or a real one? What would you do?
  The bedroom has been fun to make. I did the easel and you can take the painting out and there is another on that I sewed on the back. The paint palate and brush are lose and the girl can hold them. The dog can be moved also. Let's look at how to put the doll to bed.
She can Hug her plush pig (Catie's choice). I have decided to make one more doll and have a nightgown on her. The dolls are double felt also. I will post the back of one when I am finished. Catie comes to her grandma's every week and has been coming over to play with this and she also has been instructing me what to make next. That gets me in trouble because I always want to try..


My neighbor asked me to make something for her 5 year old granddaughter. She wanted something like a busy book. I really could not find a pattern for this age and so I am making it as I go. I loved paper dolls at that age and so decided to use felt as a medium to make them. These are the ones I have completed and the beach scene. The ball, sand bucket and fisf can be stored in the beach towel. The pink purse has a snap on it and you can put a treasure in it.

I had so much fun doing this kitchen. I wanted it to be fun.The mother was fun to make too.
Here I show what can be opened to make it fun for Catie. The fridge door opens and has shelves to tuck in food. So far I made vegetables but have a milk carton cut out and a few more things. I do anything like the door in double felt and all the smaller items too. I sew each one. Under the sink I have a knife so far and want to make dish soap and a pail. On the shelf above the stove is a water pitcher. The pan on the stove has Velcro to hold it there. In the oven is a casserole with a chicken leg baking. I want to make some more too.
Any doll fits behind the table.

As soon as I take some pictures I will add this weeks work. So what do you think?