Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bed and Little Girl

Last night my husband surprised me with this bed. He boiled grape vine pieces and stripped the bark off.
We have been surprised by the lovely patina of the wood grain. I was excited to add the quilt and dust ruffle.
Here is the bed in the house. I will be sliding it a back into the back room.
So here it is....
I did replace the girl in white and wanted to show you the family laying flat. I love doing the fine stitching on felt.
The mothers clothes are made from wool jackets I felted in hot water and that the dryer at least 5 times. On the little girls dress I did cast on needle lace for the bottom. Their hair is from beautiful roving my precious friend Heather sent to me. I loved working with the hair on the girl and it was so easy to braid.
Here is a link for the cast on stitch.
That front door has to go! Now to doing something with the walls and making fun things for the inside and finishing the outhouse.

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