Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My New Challenge...a doll house makeover

It has been such a long time since I have had the time to keep this excuses just the way life happened. I have done a lot of stitching and I will add some of the soon.
 Right now I have been given a challenge. A doll house.
 My husband took me to meet a most interesting neighbor that loves to play in his shop. In the corner of his shop was this house. I admired it and he pulled it out for me to see. He made this from 100 year old barn wood he reclaimed. I fell in love with it but it was just to look at. There was no way to do the inside. He had a light inside and really used it outside on his porch for Christmas. I came home wondering how I could use it because he needed to sell it.
 Several weeks passed and he thought he could hinge the roof for me. So home it came with me several days later. My first step was to cover the wooded chimney with river rock. I used a jewelery glue to do this. It took longer than I thought.
Here is it when I got that done.
Of course I knew I wanted to go around the porch with the rock too.
I cut out a piece of wall board the size I wanted for the fireplace and rocked that also. Since than my husband cut me a mantle.
  The Inside of the house is quite rough and so I am not sure what to do with the walls and floor. I would appreciate any suggestions. I love the primitive feel of the house and I do not want to lose that all. It also is in no real scale so I am winging what we make for the inside. Here is the table and benches my husband made for me for my birthday.
I spent the last week making a yoyo quilt. It took 47 circles that were 1 and 1/2 inches.
I decided to use the red check to make 2 pillows. I also took thin strips of felt to braid a rug.
A bed frame is being made in his shop in the evenings. I can soon show it to you.
Here is the inside

I made a few Wee People to go inside and you can see the baby and she is resting in a walnut shell bed.
Here are the other 4.

I do not like the little girl in white and so I am making a new one tonight. The baby has a lace dress made from the very limited amount of lace I have my husbands mother's antique lace collection.
The front door has to go.
 I will be adding more soon but I need suggestions.


Lady Dorothy said...

Oh, Donna! You've already done some amazing work! I love it!

donnag said...

Than you...I am having fun and next one is a fairy house made out of gourds.